Journey of Giants Project

Several photographs I captured of humpback whales in Sitka Sound are in a large exhibit currently touring South America.

Albatross Media Foundation of Panama contacted me a few months ago to request permission to use some of my humpback whale photos for their project ‘Journey of Giants’. The projects mission is to raise awareness for the protection of whales all over the world. They selected the images from my website ( and a usage agreement was arranged which allowed them to produce large billboard-sized prints for their exhibit. These photographs I captured around the small island community of Sitka Alaska, are now being shown in an outdoor display for a worthy cause in a faraway country! The exhibit recently opened and will tour several cities across South America.

Here are a couple of links from the event:

Below are images showing the photographs currently on display in the City of Knowledge, Panama.



humpbacks bubblenet feeding


humpbacks bubblenet feeding


The Daily Sitka Sentinel ran a story on it in December 2012.

Sitka Neswpaper article

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