Humpback Bubblenet Feeding

Humpbacks bubble netting

What I learned in March 2010 while observing nature…

The whales (about 5-6) gathered together and dove to the bottom. From there, they swam upward in a circular motion while blowing bubbles in their way of collecting and pushing a large school of herring towards the top. The first thing I noticed in my view was the sight and sound of thousands of herring breaking the surface of the calm water. Next, the whales all together would push through the surface holding their mouths wide open in an attempt to collect as much herring as they could. This lasted just a few seconds, then they settled down and swam around to pick up the scraps of whatever herring was left. At one point they swam towards me and all five went under the boat.

Click on an image to view as a slideshow. All images are available for purchase in this gallery at Shobe Studios.


View a short video of the event…

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