Kayaker / Whale Image – The Real Story

Kayaker in the mouth of a Whale

This is a post about my composite image of a kayaker in the mouth of a whale and how it has gone viral on the internet all over the world. I have been hesitant to post this blog, but since I see so many others using my image for their own purposes I now feel compelled to tell my true version of the story. Hopefully, this will set things straight. Continue reading

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Journey of Giants Project

Several photographs I captured of humpback whales in Sitka Sound are in a large exhibit currently touring South America.

Albatross Media Foundation of Panama contacted me a few months ago to request permission to use some of my humpback whale photos for their project ‘Journey of Giants’. The projects mission is to raise awareness for the protection of whales all over the world. They selected the images from my website (www.shobestudios.com) and a usage agreement was arranged which allowed them to produce large billboard-sized prints for their exhibit. Continue reading

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Spokane Riverfront Park

Spokane Falls nighttime panoramic

Spokane Falls nighttime panoramic

On a recent trip to my hometown of Spokane, Washington, I took the opportunity to capture some images of Riverfront Park and the nearby surroundings in downtown Spokane. The location of Riverfront Park is the former location of Expo ‘74, a World’s Fair. This event was a huge leap forward for the city of Spokane and has been a popular place to visit by locals and tourists ever since. It is now a 100-acre park used all year long for activities and events.  Continue reading

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Orcas in Eastern Channel


Today, while alone on the water, I found myself surrounded by a pod of orcas! There were about 8 – 12 swimming full speed all around me. They headed out to deeper waters after doing what appeared to be their normal pattern of behavior of scouring and sweeping the area in search of food. At first, there was 3 in front of me, 2 to the left, 1 right behind me and at least 3 to the right. Below are a few of the images from this incredible experience.  Continue reading

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Humpback Bubblenet Feeding

Humpbacks bubble netting

What I learned in March 2010 while observing nature…

The whales (about 5-6) gathered together and dove to the bottom. From there, they swam upward in a circular motion while blowing bubbles in their way of collecting and pushing a large school of herring towards the top. Continue reading

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